Payments companies want to you wear them everywhere

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the big payments players announced plans to not only live in your phone and watch but in anything and everything of yours that can connect to the internet. What you wear, what you drive and where you keep your milk could all be used as payment devices. Visa’s program…

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Payments Cards Most Likely to Succeed, class of 2015

    Will you be signing the Cards and Payments Yearbook this year?  At 1,034 pages for volume one alone, let Mozobi Payments do the hard work for you and lay out some of the award winners from our hardworking class of Payments 2015-2026.          Most Popular Card payments continued to grow by volume…

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The mother of all payments predictions 2016

    We’d all like a sneak peek at what will happen in the world of payments in 2016.  But who has the time to read every single list of money, tech and payments predictions for 2016?  Never fear, Mozobi Payments has put together a list of 6 lists for you so you don’t have…

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Early Christmas for SMEs

  SMEs got their Christmas present early in the form of “The SME Market Monitor” published today by Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI). Earnings in medium sized firms continue to achieve the highest growth rates in 2015. Companies with less than 50 employees recorded an increase of 2.1% YoY in average weekly earnings, while…

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Love Christmas? 8,000 Metres of Christmas in Adare

Just outside of Adare, you will find 8,000 metres of Christmas. This wonderland is called Adare Creamery and it contains everything you could possibly want from Christmas. You can expect not only beautiful decorations and trees all lovingly created by the Adare family but also a warm welcome from a business that goes out of…

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Black Friday : 5 Things You Need To Know to make sense of the madness

Your employees probably want to shop on Black Friday too.  Business consultancy firm Peninsula received almost 8,000 calls from frantic employers in the UK after being bombarded with holidays requests for Black Friday.  It looks like Irish people are happy to come into the office.   But are they there to work or to log on…

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Follow these 10 commandments to protect against a data breach

“Data Breach” has become part of our vocabulary, where bugs are branded like companies with their own cool logos like the heartbleed bug. You’re right if you think this is a fairly recent development. Reports of the biggest data breaches recorded started in 2005. Much of this growth can be explained by a massive explosion…

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Starting a business? Great advice from Commissioner, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist

A Commissioner for Start-Ups, an Entrepreneur and an Venture Capitalist walk into a web summit…and give some great analysis of the Irish environment for new businesses.  Okay not so funny, but Niamh Bushnell, Brian Caulfield and Noel Ruane were insightful, down-to-earth and ,yes, entertaining in the start-up panel of the 2015 Web Summit 2015 last…

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Make Halloween your business …or it will haunt you

What do people spend on Halloween? Most (77%) of Irish adults will be generous to trick or treaters this Halloween, according to a Consumer Insights survey by Empathy Research. Very few will be handing out traditional nuts or oranges.  93% of those planning on giving out treats will buy from a supermarket or shop while…

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Mobile Money : What it is and Why it’s years ahead of Mobile Wallets

What is Mobile Money? 16 countries in the world have more mobile money accounts than bank accounts.  Unlike the “mobile wallets” we’re used to like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, mobile money accounts aren’t linked to a bank account.  The phone used for the mobile money service doesn’t even have to be a smart phone.…

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