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“I’m very happy with Mozobi…their backup team is excellent…if I have a problem or anything they’re there for you…and that’s wonderful to know that, that you’re not alone out there” – Colm O’Neill, taxi driver Green Dot Cabs 

Colm Taxi

“There’s a good chance I’ll get pulled out of line ahead of other cars that don’t have the credit card facility..chances of a better job are also good as well.” Colm works mostly out of Dublin Airport using a Mozobi card terminal where he is one of the 40-50% of the taxis that have credit card facilities. Not only does this mean more work, he tells me that the jobs are often better as well, since people tend to use credit cards for higher amounts. Approximately every third customer he picks up at the airport chooses the Mozobi payments terminal.
Colm hoped that that a card payment terminal in his taxi would work like in a Spar, where people can breeze through the queue at the till as long as they swipe a card in the machine. Of Mozobi, he says “When this came along I knew I’d got it right for myself”. The benefits of the reader is that it fits right in your hand or is “neat” as Colm calls it and is easily stored in the car. The transaction is very fast, with no need for the passenger to give his credit card number to the driver. It’s also safer on both Colm’s and the passenger’s side.
 Colm feels safer driving around with less cash and the passenger doesn’t have to give her card number to a stranger. Add the security of getting the cash into your bank twice a week as a driver and it’s no wonder that Colm is happy with Mozobi Payments.
I’d say to any driver ….Make sure you get it back off the customer..They’re so happy looking at it.” Colm enjoys the reaction he gets from passengers who haven’t seen a device like this. Passengers from places as far-flung Sweden, the UK and the US all want to try out the device and love how fast and easy it is. They had better give it back, because as Colm says the Mozobi card reader is his “pride and joy in the car”.

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