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Frequently Asked Questions

I have received my new Mozobi payments device. How do I install the Mozobi application on my iphone and sync my iphone with the payments device?

Please follow our step-by-step guide for iphones here .

I have received my new Mozobi payments device. How do I install the Mozobi application on my android phone and sync my android phone with the payments device?

Please follow our step-by-step guide for android phones here here .

I have not yet received an email confirming that my recent Fare was successful.

Please check your emails. As the email is sent from the same address it could be that the most recent confirmation is below one that was previously received. Therefore, please scroll down to ensure that it has not been received. Although we try to send out immediate receipts, this depends upon how busy our servers are at the time. If you have not received a receipt within 6 hours or indeed at any time you can log on to with your username and password and you can view all of your transactions.

When will I receive my payments?

Mozobi processes Green Dot Cabs driver payments twice weekly on a Monday and Thursday.  Monday processing covers fares from the previous Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday processing covers fares from the previous Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Payments will be made in to your bank account 2 – 3 days later.

How can I check what payments I have received?

If you have any payments to be processed, you will receive an automatic email on a Monday and Thursday detailing the fares that are being processed for payment that day.

Why am I not getting driver receipts?

Try these steps

1. Check your setup details, are the email details correct?
2. On gmail and other email accounts, receipts from the same day may accumulate under the same email heading.
3. You might not be enabled for driver receipts, send a query to Mozobi customer service to check your details.

I’m getting the message “no connection, processing offline” within the Mozobi App.  What do I do?

If you have no Data Connectivity, i.e. if you attempt to go on to the internet and cannot reach a webpage then you will not have enough connectivity to make a standard online transaction through the Mozobi payments App. In this case the terminal will still be able to approve transactions but only up to a maximum value of 30 euros per transaction.  As soon as you go back into a good data coverage area the offline transactions will be sent to Mozobi for payment and you will see a message on the APP which says “approving transactions offline”. Once you are back within a good coverage area you will be able to send standard online transactions successfully again including transactions above the 30 euro limit.

How do I check if my transactions have been successful?

Log onto this page with your terminal username and password and you will be able to view all of your transactions.

I have had to log back into the Mozobi App but it’s not accepting my username or password and I am getting the error ‘Invalid Username and PIN’

The most likely issue here is that you are entering the username in upper or mixed case. The username needs to be lower case and contain a dot (.)

I have attempted a transaction but am seeing the following error message on the Receipt screen, “Unable To Connect To Authorisation Service Transaction Cancelled”, what does this mean?

This indicates that there is an issue with the WiFi or data connection. Please test the connection on your device/mobile by accessing a web page on the Internet browser.

The customer said they did not receive an email receipt, what can I do?

If they are certain they did not receive the email then you must ask the customer for their email address again (it is a possible that there was a mistake in the originally entered email address), log on to the Mozobi support system here and create a ticket. A Mozobi customer support representative will investigate the issue, and resend the receipt if possible.

I have, in error, charged the incorrect amount for a transaction, can you change it for me?

Unfortunately, we are not permitted by the card schemes or by our own security systems to change any amount that has been transacted.

What if the Mozobi app cannot connect to the Terminal (Android)

First check the bluetooth is enabled on the Phone Settings -> Bluetooth.
Next check that the Mozobi Pin Pad is turned on.
Start the Mozobi app. The Mozobi app should list the devices that are within range and choose the device with a number that matches the serial number on the back of the Mozobi pinpad.
If you still cannot connect to the Terminal, then go to the Settings -> Bluetooth -> Choose the Terminal Device with the matching serial number from the list of available devices.
If you are still having problems remove all connected terminals from the list of connected devices, and add just the terminal that you are using. For example if you previously used an Apple device to connect to the terminal but are now using Android, you will have to manually remove the terminal bluetooth connection from the Apple device.

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